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One Plan, One Price

Starting a website with PowWeb is easy and affordable.

Our simple "One Plan" package offers a complete All-in-One hosting solution with plenty of disk space, bandwidth and additional features. All sites will reside on our "Load Balanced Technology" Platform!

The Perfect Hosting Solution All Included!
Disk Space (Raid Storage) UNLIMITED
Data Transfer / Bandwidth SCALABLE
Load Balanced TechnologyTM

Website Access / Control All Included!
Member Operations Control Panel
DNS Management (A records, Cnames, MX records)
Sub-Domains (
24x7 FTP Access, Unlimited FTP Users (separate directories)
Web-Based File Manager
Password Protect Directories
Custom Error Pages (403,404, and 500)
SnapShot Instant Click and Restore Daily Backups
Rock Solid Unix Platform

Script Instant Installer - Better Than Fantastico! All Included!

Supported Software All Included!
PHP 5.3, 5.5, 5.6, 7.0 and 7.1
CGI-BIN, SSI, .htaccess, Cronjobs
Flash, Shockwave, Midi, Multimedia Support

Marketing Tools All Included!
$100 Google AdWords Bonus
$100 Microsoft Advertising Credits

Database All Included!
MySQL Databases 75
Daily Database Backups

Web Statistics & Logs All Included!
Webalizer & AwStats Web Statistics
Bandwidth Report
Access, Error and Referral Logs; Raw Log Files
Real-Time Logging

Email Service All Included!
WebMail Access (secure login)
Email Forwarding/Email Aliases Unlimited
Spam Filters (allow/block & Greylisting features)
DNS Text Record/SMTP+SPF

Customer Service All Included!
Active Community Forum (20,000+ members!)
24x7 Live Chat Help
Live Servers/System Announcements
Tutorials and Support Documentations
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

E-commerce Ready All Included!
ShopSite Starter Shopping Cart
Built-in OsCommerce Shopping Cart
SSL - Shared Secure Certificate
Accept Paypal Payments

Bonus Offer All Included!
Web Address ( FREE
Easy To Use Website Builder FREE
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