Load-Balanced Hosting Technology

PowWeb's proprietary "Load-Balanced Hosting" solution eliminates all single points of failure. By load balancing our servers, your website will have multiple paths to its destination. This is the same technique used with large corporations hosting mission-critical websites.

Standard Solution (the problem):

The common problem with the standard hosting solution is that it does not offer true redundancy. Every "single point" of failure will be your weakest point. Should problems arise, your website will be temporarily down until the problem is resolved. This solution offers no redundancy.

PowWeb's Load Balanced Hosting Technology (the solution):

PowWeb's hosting solution offers complete true, redundancy from point A to point B. There are multiple paths for your visitor to access your website at every given point. We distribute the load of a single website across multiple physical servers. If one server goes down, there is no noticeable effect on end users and no downtime.